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SCC Replaces PCs with Panos, Saving Space and Energy | Environment

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SCC Replaces PCs with Panos, Saving Space and Energy
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Surry Community College has been working on freeing up space and simultaneously reducing energy-costs at their off-site centers in Pilot Mountain and Elkin. 

The Community College has begun to replace PC computers with Pano units, often referred to as thin-client or zero-client technology. 

Pano units measure three inches square by one and one-half inches high, yet according to the press release, provide users with the exact same computer experience. 

Aside from benefiting in a major reduction in the usage of space, the units also save energy. 

According to the press release from SCC, one unit uses only nine watts of power as opposed to 350 watts that one PC would use. 

The press release states that the energy savings would be equivalent to a single room that uses three light bulbs compared to 19 bulbs for the same effect. 

In the following month, the school predicts that 250 workstations will have been replaced with Pano units, including every single student workstation in both the Pilot and Elkin centers.  The Yadkin center along with the main campus will start doing the same. 

“We continue to look for various ways to maximize our resources while improving the quality of education,” says Dr. Friedman, Surry Community College President.  “These units are designed to improve the efficiency of technology applications and will provide state-of-the-art learning environments for students. 

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